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Oh My Heart, Oh My Home


Steve McCourt
Dom Allen


Casey Jay Andrews


Casey Jay Andrews

Video & Lighting Designer

Rachel Sampley


Jack Brett
George Jennings


Casey Jay Andrews
Jack Brett

The meteorite shook the ground as it landed, igniting a chorus of barking dogs. Neighbours reported a blast of flames, it felt as though the house trembled. Voices, soft and low, linger in corners; each a note in the composition of a home. The scrape of a chair, the distant hum of family dinners, laughter, a symphony of footfall on stairs. The kitchen tiles hold us while we dance, the house sings, outside the world fades.

Gathered around a doll’s house, Fringe-First winning storyteller Casey Jay Andrews weaves a delicate fable about the capacity a place has for holding a feeling. An intimate story about sanctuary, belonging and loneliness.

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