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A Curious Quest


Punchdrunk Enrichment

Director and Writer

Tara Boland

Associate Director

Steve McCourt


Kat Heath

Creative Carpentry and Design

Daniel Richards

Sound and Graphic Design

Stephen Dobbie

Creative Associate

Oliver Jones

Lighting Design

Sarah Readman

Creative Technologist

Michele Panegrossi

A Curious Quest: A Teacher-Led Adventure is a local history project for a whole primary school.

A strange creature that moves objects in the night and has a unique obsession with lost treasure. Sometimes invisible, this little sprite is said to mostly take the form of a sparrow.

This three week project begins with the arrival of a small museum of curiosities lent by a local history society. Inside the museum, seven artefacts are exhibited, but when Year 6 open an old box displayed in the Folklore section, a strange creature escapes… bells ring when it’s near, it leaves nests where it has slept and muddy bird prints in classroom corners. The only way to tempt it safely back into its box is to place a trove of lost treasure inside.

But where will the school find a trove of lost treasure? They might discover more than they ever imagined about the lost stories and histories of their local area…

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