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Steve McCourt
Mark Hooper


Casey Jay Andrews


Casey Jay Andrews
Sullivan Beau Brown
Tom Coliandris

The stars are empty, the moon has fallen from the sky and the mountains are full of monsters.

Barri collects newspaper clippings and listens to vinyl in her grandmother’s attic. Sam is trying to outrun a community support officer investigating the murder of several domestic badgers.

Weaved from folklore and fable, EVERY WILD BEAST is a magical coming of age tale about courage, curiosity and running away from really big scary things.

★★★★★ - British Theatre Guide
"One of the first true gems of this year's EdFringe... I'll be keeping an eye on Lion House from now on, as great things have come from them, and more will
undoubtedly follow... A play that truly should not be missed"

★★★★★ - West End Wilma
"Every Wild Beast is enchanting. The tale of a girl and a boy who in unlikely circumstances, find each other and go on a wonderful journey... Phenomenal"

★★★★★ - Fringe Biscuit

"A dark, uplifting & poignant gem, Every Wild Beast is a uniquely intimate theatre experience that is not to be missed"

★★★★ - Broadway Baby
"This is a wonderfully intimate, thought-provoking show... What do we have to do to matter in a complicated world? Is there such a thing as fate? Every Wild Beast does what folklore does best - try to make sense of a human existence that can seem random. The beast Barri and Sam pursue is any fear you want it to be. The magic water they seek is the solution to all our problems, sometimes feeling so near, but not quite within reach, or not quite real. Folk tales have been reimagined here,
reminding us that we too are folk about whom tales can be told: around campfires or television sets, in theatres or in attics."

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