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Route 158


Mia Jerome


Alice Kitty Devlin

Co-creator and Designer

Kat Heath


Holiday Donaldson

Head of Technical and Lighting Designer

Sarah Readman


Annemarie Anang
Hayley May Muirhead
Jodie Irvine

Composer (Anthem)

Steve McCourt

Sound Design

Dominic Kennedy

Company Stage Manager

Holly Glenn

Production Manager

Stuart Heyes

Technical Stage Manager

Molly Tackaberry

Project Manager

Maddy Page

Costume Supervisor and Set Dresser

Lily O’Hara

Prop Makers

Erin Tse
Hannah Sharpe

Production Technician

Chris Burkitt
Chris Gadd

Phase 1 (2023) Co-creators

Tara Boland
Peter Higgin
Kat Heath


Punchdrunk Enrichment

When a series of stones mysteriously appear in a primary school, pupils are unaware this is the start of an epic adventure. A travel company from another world is in peril, and urgently needs the children’s help.

Running over two academic years pupils must guide the travel company to their school then help re-fuel their vehicle. From the outside, this vehicle seems like a dusty old double decker bus, but when the pupils step on board they realise their imaginations are more powerful than they thought possible.

Part teacher-led adventure, part immersive theatre experience, Route 158 brings excitement, joy and celebration to whole primary schools across the Royal Borough of Greenwich, using a compelling story to drive creativity in pupils. Teachers are given full control to use the experience as a springboard for creative teaching practice across the curriculum, however they choose.

Route 158 is part of Immersive Learning Journeys, a three year project exploring the impact of long term engagement with immersive learning in primary schools, supported by the Paul Hamlyn Foundation

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