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Phelim McDermott
Mark Down


Matt Saunders


Jim Ingalls

Puppet Design

Ruth Paton

Music & Libretto

Helmut Lachenmann


Heather Buck
Fiona Clift
Noemi Rodriguez Fernandez
Andrea Jimenez Garcia
Sean Garratt
Ewan Hunter
Yuko Kakuta
Adam Klein
Steve McCourt
Alex Newton
Jack Parker
Alejandra Prieto
Teddy Yudain

Hans Christian Andersen’s sobering tale depicts a poor girl on a snowy street, lighting matches for a few seconds of fleeting warmth in her final hour. In his opera, avant-garde composer Helmut Lachenmann explores the girl’s last moments as she gazes into the dreams and memories conjured by the flames.

Elevated on a platform and encircling the audience, 106 members of the Spoleto Festival USA Orchestra perform this astonishingly evocative score, full of clicks, crackles, knocks, and hisses, under the baton of Resident Conductor and Director of Orchestral Activities John Kennedy.

Co-directors Phelim McDermott and Mark Down (Artistic Director of Blind Summit) cast extraordinary shadows to make a show that almost isn’t there, lit by the light of a match and performed at the speed of scissors.

The Little Match Girl premiered at the Spoleto Festival, Charleston.

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