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The Wishing Cupboard


Punchdrunk Enrichment

Director and Writer

Tara Boland

Associate Director

Steve McCourt


Kate Rigby

Illustrator and Graphic Designer

Lucy McCullough

The Wishing Cupboard: A Teacher-Led Adventure is a creative project for Early Years co-created with a group of sixteen Nursery and Reception teachers.

If a thing sighs the sad words
“I wish I knew what I were supposed to do”
The cupboard hears this whisper and opens its moonlit doorway.

The introduction of a beautiful poster in class signals the beginning of an inspiring story. It is followed with the arrival of a magical cupboard that needs the help of your class. ‘Lost’ objects start appearing inside, but only the pupils’ imaginations can support them to find their true purpose.

Could the stone be having a bubble bath? Or does it want to be a maths lecturer? Perhaps a hot water bottle for a rabbit? The children must help the objects find their destiny!

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